He is fulfilling his long-term philosophy of doing precisely what he wants

Bruce Willis set himself apart from his 90s cohort with a distinct disinterest in award-chasing. People took to his performances because he isn’t the type of performer to wax lyrical about the immense emotional and physical sacrifices required to act. His preference for making films that pertain to his high-octane interests, rather than what reviewers would like to see him do, has always been evident. Based on critics’ reviews, Willis’ eight movies released in 2021 received an average critical score 5 per cent.

Over his 44-year career, Willis starred in five films that amassed scores of over 90 per cent – a testament to why he became one of American cinema’s household names. (If you want to know the name of the 53 movies, press the CC button)

Did the Planet Hollywood founder descend into cultural stagnancy right underneath our noses? Willis’s story is far from over, but he is in the middle of one of the more depressing chapters of his career. Sadly, Willis currently has eleven super low-budget action movies either in post-production or principal photography, so it doesn’t appear this chapter will be over anytime soon.

Oh, no. This is very sad to hear. Super sad news!

Thank you, Bruce Willis for the Iconic movies, characters and memories. Be Well and get well soon!

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