You, sir, have the wits of a Sphinx and the aroma of a tuna

My mother one day she bought me the book “The boy who wanted to paint the world’s most beautiful painting”. Of course, nobody knew then that I would become one of the world’s leading hyperrealist artists, but it was probably a gentle push in the right direction by my mother. – Johannes Wessmark

“In my paintings, and especially my figurative motifs, I want to convey a feeling of calm and relaxation. Water is a subject matter that have followed me for many years. As a child we had a summer-house by the Swedish west coast where we spent many holidays. Positive experiences with water that came to influence me as an artist many years later.” – Johannes Wessmark

Johannes Wessmark is a self-taught photo-realist artist working with acrylics and oils. His studio is located in the middle of the Swedish wilderness.

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