Isolation has profound effects on the human body and brain

People placed in isolation may also experience hallucinations. The lack of stimuli causes people to misattribute internal thoughts and feelings as occurring in the outer environment. Essentially, hallucinations happen because of a lack of brain stimulation. Self-isolation, job loss and fear of getting Covid-19 are just some of the factors affecting our mental health during the pandemic. This is how our brains are responding.

Which is what is happening in our world has been planned for decades. As we know, many major inconsistencies have been coming out about Covid, especially in recently. Tainted tests, falsified numbers, manipulated stats, doctors & scientists speaking out, lockdowns that don’t make sense, predicted numbers totally wrong…we are all aware. It is also questionable how the virus originated.

It is however evident 100% that there is a virus, and it is still a mystery who gets affected, who dies, and who doesn’t. This is not being disputed.

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