They are the only ones who can control men because they are also the only ones who give birth to men

Violence against women is an entrenched social problem in Ukrainian culture engendered by traditional male and female stereotypes. According to the OSCE , in 2018, violence towards women was widespread in Ukraine and was associated with three times more deaths than the War in Donbas.

These women dont hate on men, they just dont like the sexist and abusive men, because those men are indeed weak.

Against the backdrop of yet another conflict in Ukraine — the world is facing a devastating reality: Girls and women are particularly vulnerable during wartime. As women continue to bear different and additional burdens of war, they must be represented in all decision-making platforms on de-escalation, conflict prevention, mitigation and other processes in pursuit of peace and security for the people of Ukraine and beyond.

There is never anything more beautiful then a women knowing her true role in the world and embracing it.

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