Could this year finally be the year we see it come to fruition?

For the past 25 years, scientists have been promising it is on the way, but all efforts have failed. Today, men have two options: condoms or a permanent vasectomy — where surgeons cut or seal the tubes that carry sperm. But the tide may be turning. Latest research developments suggest that men might be able to take their pick of preventive products very soon — ranging from gels, daily pills, monthly injections and even a reversible chemical vasectomy. These are all showing strong promise in clinical trials.

The hopes remain that male contraception finally catches up with the options available to women. However, regardless of whether it is a pill, gel or injection, it remains to be seen whether women would trust men to use it correctly.

Children deserve to be planed and to be wanted. This will result in happy and planed families. Women have to deal with crazy unhappy complications from unsafe hormonal issues when using unnatural hormones in their birth control.

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