The last of a bygone era

For four years, the legendary singer and his family have kept his secret. In 2020, they broke their silence, Tony Bennett has Alzheimer’s disease, his wife Susan Benedetto revealed. The 96-year-old legendary singer kept the diagnosis a secret since 2016. “We came home one night after a show, and he said to me, ‘Susan, you know, I can’t remember the musicians’ names,” tells Benedetto.
Bennett is most lucid when singing his classic songs and never forgets a single lyric, his wife said. During the coronavirus pandemic, Bennett has been recording concerts from home.

“As many miss out on weddings, anniversaries, and other celebrations this year, I wanted to give you all something special. One of my favorite ballads, Fly Me to the Moon. I hope this can serve as a reminder that love perseveres beyond everything”

Regardless of his age, Tony Bennett is still an amazing musician and enjoys singing. Sure a persons vocals change with age, however Tony is definitely a seasoned musician and for that alone he deserves respect. Thank you Tony for the great music over the many years.God loves you Tony and thanks for that!

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