Show business this is more an industry than a business

That is, musicians are not employees or partners, but raw materials or livestock that need to be processed. The entire music industry is based on music fraud. Do it yourself or you get robbed, your choice.

“The music business is a cruel and shallow trench for money, a long plastic corridor where thieves and pimps run and good people die like…” Hunter S. Thompson

The model is basically this: Record companies will put up money for your recording, (which you have to pay back sometimes depending upon your contract) they will promote your music but 98% of the recording sales goes into their pockets. Why? It is up to YOU as the musician to then go on TOUR.

Touring and merchandise is where musicians keep most of the profits after paying off the transportation fees, venues, managers , crews, etc. So if you aren’t touring… You aren’t generating real income. There’s a reason why the Rolling Stones do worldwide tours for an entire year. That is the secret. That’s why Peter Grant who managed Led Zeppelin was legendary. It’s nothing new. In short, it’s a trade off for publicity via the record company’s muscle. It’s not that bad – as long as you tour. So for any musician to cry, it’s incumbent to get their butts out there.

Problem is for most musicians today, is that they hype up so much of their recordings in the studio with computers, it sounds like crap when they play live. Another reason to learn your instruments and get back to the basics kids.

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