Hard work is within everyone’s reach

Sure, Albert Einstein laid the foundation for modern physics, but he may not be the man your kids should aspire to be. No, the person we should be looking up to hails from another school of genius, it’s the school of “hard work, stick-to-itiveness, and common sense.” That man would be the dizzyingly productive and occasionally hustling Thomas Alva Edison — he of the “inspiration is perspiration” school of thought. At least, that’s what scientists — people more than a little familiar with the work of both of these titans — think. Sorry, Einstein.

If you study and work hard, nothing guarantees your success. But if you don’t, you guarantee your failure.

Like it or not, luck, circumstance, social position, contacts etc. are influential. Yes, luck played an extremely important role in our lives. It starts with the day when we were born and ends when we die.

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