Over their fifty-year career, they have established themselves as one of Canada’s most successful progressive rock bands

The origins of the band Saga first began when members of the band were playing in a group called Fludd. The roots of Fludd actually go back to a Canadian band called The Pretty Ones in the 1960’s. Nonetheless, in 1978 members of Fludd formed the band Saga. The group released their first album entitled Saga. While the album sold well in Canada, the group also found itself with a following in Germany and Puerto Rico.

Despite enduring myriad lineup changes over the decades, Saga maintained a huge European fan base, specifically in Germany, and managed to release over 20 albums (and sell over eight million of them), before ceasing operations in 2018.

There were those who criticised the band for openly displaying a pop-oriented flare during the mid to late 80’s, and although there is an element of truth in those claims. Certainly, there are only a handful of acts who have proved adept at mixing straight pop-rock with a quirkier, energetic element.

Saga…one of the most under appreciated Prog bands in the history of Neo-Progressive music.

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