To sound pessimistic, but rock on a big scale is truly dead

It is unlikely that we’ll see another Zeppelin, Beatles, Guns n Roses, even Nirvana or Foo Fighters, honestly. The Foo Fighters are still going, and that’s great, and also Metallica, and a lot of good heavy rock or metal.
But we’re not talking about metal right now. We’re talking about a new rock band to take over the world on a huge scale. A band with, say, two guitars, a bass, drums and vocals? To come out of the woodwork, write original music, and kick ass? Nope. And Maroon 5 doesn’t count.

This band never disappoints, the artists did a wonderful job on this video and somehow made an old song feel brand new with their fresh visuals. Once a good song, always a good song.

What we have today is that rap, hip hop, and pop stars are the new “rock stars”. The main reason rock is not being featured regularly in the mainstream of things is because the mainstream media and larger music industry is ignoring the newer rock artists. The Grammys do not even award rock artists on camera.

Each time, rock had to make a comeback because either copy-cat artists or media giants decided to kill it. But you can’t kill rock and roll, just like you can’t kill jazz, soul or her genres of music. There already exists a huge market for rock music. Established rock bands still sell out venues and are moving units with the vinyl revival. New bands like Greta Van Fleet are filling venues with fans of all ages.

So this music is still relevant regardless of whether its performers are presented at the Grammys or not.

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