Herd mentality is one of the worst manifestations of human nature

It allows you to act out without having to fear consequences. Herd mentality causes a lot of destruction and misery to everyone nearby and in general. It is pure chaos. Remember, 50% of the people are below average in intelligence, by definition, and the average of 100 is not very high. So they do not question much, do not evaluate, do not hunger for knowledge, do not think about their experiences. Really, they are not able.

Yes. People with low to moderate IQs tend to follow the crowd and/or do what they are told. These are people who buy into personality cults. Therefore, when an authoritarian regime comes to power, they immediately introduce reforms that affect the intelligentsia (i.e. professors, lawyers, civil servants, cultural and high-tech workers, teachers, etc.), often as their first act. Doctors tend to be better, just because even dictators get sick.

No matter who you are or where you come from, we are all complete fucking degenerates. We all pick our noses when we think no one is watching. We all piss in the shower (well, not all, actually), we enter non-traditional word combinations in the search bar on PornHub.

Point is, we are all disgusting, deeply flawed creatures. And yet, we insist on wasting our lives away by alienating those who talk different. Who walk different. Who got here different, who work in fields and not cubicles, who shoot guns and not photos of aesthetic vegan food, who cast their ballots for the other side, that sort of different. We don’t understand each other because we assure ourselves that we are special. That our way is the right way, that everyone else has it wrong. We live and breathe convinced that our own shit don’t stink. But it does.

Each one of us exist cocooned inside our personal version of the universe, making love to our sacred prejudices and inviolable beliefs. Let’s grow up, pull our heads out of our own asses, and break open those godforsaken cocoons spun with threads of bigotry that isolate us from others.

“The answer to the country’s problems is to give me and my friends the authority to do whatever we want!” – said every dictator ever.

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