It seems that our laziness is the reason for our progress

Laziness can be tracked back to our ancestors when they chose to use fire and weapons for hunting instead of running behind their prey, when they chose to invent wheel for easing their journey and started farming instead of shifting places for search of food. And maybe we are doing that too. We have invented so many things that have made our life so easy that we don’t even have to go out and do things like before. Everything is just on our fingertips. And in future, everything might happen just at the instance of our minds thinking. It seems that our laziness is the reason for our progress. And our progress in turn has made us more lazy. Maybe it’s a cycle that is impossible for us to break.

People that come up with such innovative ways are not lazy. Instead of being idle from doing less steps, they work at more innovative ways to get work does easier, and thus, cause other people to be lazy by selling them an affordable product.

Laziness is the mother of progress???

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