The Piano Man At Christmas

The album’s title comes from a song originally called, “There’s Always a Job for a Piano Man at Christmas.” But it was terrible title; the word “job” is hard to sing and isn’t very Christmasy. But Cullum wanted to write a song about that time in his 20s and early 30s when he’d spend every December going from bar to bar playing Christmas songs.

“When I started to actually write the songs,” Cullum recalls, “I would literally start with a line, like ‘So Many Santas,’ I liked the idea of a kid walking around the city not understanding why there are 10 Santas in a four-block area. Once I had a subject idea and a lyric line, I just started improvising at the piano for 20 minutes, which is all the time I had between my kids’ home-schooling sessions.

You’re always an inspiration, Jamie!

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