The Moldavian Beatles

Formed in 1967 out of a desire to make music and disbanded in 1970 by the personal order of the Secretary of the Communist Party, “Noroc” managed to do what no other local group could, it caroled all over the vast space that was once called the Soviet Union, who managed to conquer millions of listeners, even if they spoke and sang in Romanian.

In the 70s, the vocal-instrumental ensemble “Noroc” in the Soviet Union could have competed in terms of fame perhaps only with the famous four from Liverpool – “The Beatles”. And if hundreds of works have been written about John Lennon’s creation and dozens of films have been filmed, then the history of the band “Noroc” remained outside the attention of the general public for a long time.

Thanks to the fact that “the guitars cried”, they today write in Latin script. Thanks to Mihai Dolgan’s music, they escaped from the patriarchal mentality and cultivated their expectation of modernity.

55 years after the launch of the band “Noroc”, the music signed by Mihai Dolgan is heard, continues to resound at concerts, on radio and television. However, the longing for Mihail Dolgan will never subside, because we lived for almost 60 years together, we lived with the band “Noroc”, with his music.

“Noroc” is for Moldova – a visiting card of the soul of the country, it is the destiny and spiritual creed of the Moldovans.

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