Money talks – wealth whispers – cash screams – riches remain silent

The rich people of the past and the rich people of today have a decisive difference in their thinking about efforts. There are many old-type rich people who think that all their efforts are “precious.” Older rich people love the word “effort”. For example, “try hard to die,” “do it crazy,” and “endure even if it’s hard now.” Of course, it is true even in modern times, so it cannot be denied.

The new type of rich people do not have a sense of effort, while the new type of rich people do not have such “heat”, and even if they do, there are many people who have it inside. From the perspective, what you are doing is an effort itself, but it is more accurate to say that you do not have the feeling that you are “working” or “working hard.” Do only what you want to do, and leave “what you don’t want to do” to others or outsource. All I do is “what I want to do”. That’s why you can always immerse yourself in your work and stay excited about it. In the first place, what is the necessary element to demonstrate high performance is, after all, a strong urge to “want to do” and “do it yourself”. That creates a strong concentration.

Doesn’t matter if it’s new or old money, just make sure you have money and know how to manage it.

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