Nothing will protect you from loneliness

There is a lot of speculation about single people who “reject” invitations or “protect” themselves so as not to get hurt when some of us desperately invite others to our homes and face constant rejection. Some are so far ahead of their friends that they are judged and seen differently for it. Whether it’s school, work, or status, most “friends” are only friends with you as long as you’re equal. It’s a pity that people are so imperfect, because I would like to communicate with like-minded people, but it’s so difficult when we are non-drinkers, not party-goers and not interested in the latest trends on tiktok.

It makes us realize that loneliness is one of the reasons why we share so much with others. We miss social interaction so much that when we finally get it, we share like crazy and scare new people away.

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