She is going through some tough time fight for the fair share of her name brand

We know for a fact that Star Wars is “fake,” we know Superman is “fake,” we know pretty much all movies are “fake” in that regard. But it doesn’t stop us from enjoying a good movie. Li Ziqi is extremely creative. She presents everything with an artistic touch, and the end result is simply amazing. Is it exactly how she lives her life now? Maybe not. But even if it’s a dream, it’s a beautiful dream built on real life.

Before she fell silent, Li had posted regular videos, she stopped creating new content to protest. Liziqi did not get much because of her lack of experience when she signed contracts against Weinian. Things would be much different if she hired someone professionals in the first place, no one stole her brand, she gave out her rights without knowing it. Multi-Channel Network contracts are legally binding, so it’s important to make an informed decision.

She has freedom, beauty, love and independence.

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