One of the longest running international music shows on earth

30 years, 60 series and over 450 episodes since it all began back on 8th October 1992. His BBC 2 show Later…with Jools Holland brings together hot, legendary and undiscovered artists for live studio performances, interviews and musical magic. As ever, Jools continues to dazzle, involve and impress audiences with his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra and their exuberant live performances.

Jools holds the unique status of performing with musicians who have achieved success in every decade of the 20/21th Century.

He oozes joy and talent and is very giving. A greater part of his pleasure is that that he gives to others; a winning and rare quality.

BB King: “I didn’t think anybody could play like that. Jools has got that left hand that never stops.”

He is respected not only as a performer, but also as an authority in all music

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