Why she had not become a mega-star?

She is (was) a great jazz singer in the tradition of the great female jazz singers of the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. Her albums and songs are available for sale on Amazon, iTunes, etc.

It’s a shame to have such a lovely voice just “go silent” like that. Very odd that she just disappeared the way she did–without a trace and nary a ention of anything on the internet. She appears to have dropped out of sight, and probably wants it that way.

Songstress Janice Hagan captivates audiences with her sultry renditions of some of the most famous songs in the lexicons of jazz, big band, cabaret and show tunes. She maintained a weekly show at The Reservoir Lounge for many years, has several recording albums and credits to her name, and has made numerous appearances at Canada’s top jazz festivals.

She has got an absolutely gorgeous and smokey voice for jazz

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