Collection of everyday life contradictions

We’re all dealing with paradoxes that corner us with tough judgment calls. A hypocrite will take the inconsistencies as an invitation to not care about their inconsistencies, only other people’s. Hypocrisy means contradicting ourselves, being inconsistent, talking out of both sides of our mouths.
To an ironist, paradoxes expose challenges inherent to the human condition. Ironists don’t just laugh at others for their inconsistencies; they laugh at themselves too.

Placed one after another, the stories of hypocrisies and defects in our society form a sort of quiet, comedic opera, culminating with Dionne Warwick’s song “Walk on By.” The film could’ve been hours long, but filmmaker was strict that it be short and straightforward.

It’s such a cliche to say life is funnny, but it’s so true.

The concept of irony traffics realms: it’s a highly respected form of humor, but can also be seen negatively, as an armor against sentimentality and vulnerability.

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