The sound of violins is often compared to the beauty of the human voice

When played with talent and spirit, the violin’s voice is known to reach out and touch hearts. This was the role of violins in the war – to touch hearts, kindle hope for better times and spread it around. They poignantly carry the memories, scars and stories of the survivors, those lost, and those family members and others who have handed them in to the collection. Wherever there was music, there was hope.

All instruments have a common denominator: they had to do with the war. They had to do with the holocaust – death or survival. All instruments were symbols of hope and a way to say: remember me, remember us. Life is good, celebrate it for those who perished, for those who survived. For all people.

Violins of Hope is not only a memorial to lost culture and people, it is also an educational act that reaches young students

Life and music are inconceivable in the absence of purpose. And with purpose comes hope and resilience.

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