Did he say it at all, and if he did, then why…

He once said that the crisis in Ukraine should not be a confrontation between East and West and that Ukraine should not be an outpost of one side against the other.

“Equal sovereign states?”… his world order is not either about equality or sovereignty. It doesn’t matter what you think about this guy. The fact of the matter is he has a perspective on global affairs and human nature unlike anyone on the planet, and he gives you the opportunity to gain insight from it.

“It may be dangerous to be America’s enemy, but to be America’s friend is fatal” Henry Kissinger said in November 1968, after Richard Nixon was elected U.S. president. Critics of the foreign policy of President Obama in 2009 used the saying about United States’ seemingly wavering support for its allies in Israel, Honduras and Eastern Europe (Poland, Ukraine, Czech Republic). What he was trying to suggest is that it you are an American enemy then that can be a danger but at least you know where you stand. But if you are a friend then the US will destroy you – not necessarily from malice but because of how America operates. It has proven to be true in the case of Ukraine. Zelensky’s attempts at befriending NATO and the US has turned out to be a disaster.

Question: Can Sanctions Really Stop Putin’s War? Answer: Nope
It is fine to sanction as long as it doesn’t hurt that much, and lets others countries pay for the price of sanctions.

Every politician values money more than human life

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