Contemporary artist presents his unique, seductive and deeply ironic vision of hell

Spanning drawing, film, watercolour, choreography and performance, Pablo Bronstein’s work explores themes of consumerism, Queer identity, and, prominently, architecture. A series of large-scale watercolors takes visitors on a tour of hell in a nostalgic and ironic representation of the last two centuries of progress. Envisioned as a monumental city, visitors pass through concert halls, casinos, botanical gardens, car factories and oil rigs.

One of the last works of Pablo Bronstein was created for Breguet. He has developed a series of ephemeral, panoramic works that combine his fascination with the design and aesthetics of the industrial revolution with the heritage of the House. This creation stands alongside timepieces from Breguet’s current collections, as well as two historical pieces: a subscription watch from 1807 and a Tourbillon from 1954.

Throughout his career, Pablo Bronstein has exhibited his artwork internationally and received critical acclaim for his thought-provoking and visually compelling creations.

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