It was only a matter of time before the ‘dark ages’ returned

The death knell was sounded, retreating US troops gave way to the Taliban. For women, this could potentially mean a severe pushback on educational, political, sartorial, professional, financial rights.

Shamsia Hassani, one of Afghanistan’s first female street artists, makes vibrant murals and paintings depicting women as strong, independent figures.

Shamsia Hassani, a young contemporary artist from Afghanistan. She is Afghanistan’s first female graffiti artist, a member of the Roshd art collective and sculpture teacher at the Kabul University. Kabul, Afghanistan, 2012

After Kabul’s takeover by the Taliban, Hassani’s social media accounts went silent for a few days, leaving fans wondering about her safety.

Shamsia Hassani: Explosion at Kabul airport broke my heart, they killed people who wanted to save themselves from Taliban… nightmare never ends…

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