“Italian Amy Winehouse”

His music is made up of sounds with pressing rhythms, often easy to grasp. Giusy Ferreri’s voice is unique in the national record world, an added value that hasn’t stopped Giusy’s desire to compete with different styles and solutions.

It is not so much the musical style, halfway between pop and rock, with light soul, R&B and darkwave influences, that places Giusy Ferreri in a particular position in the national musical universe: it is her voice that makes her unique, a voice capable to range from contralto to soprano sonorities: a particular voice that has earned her the nickname of «Italian Amy Winehouse».

Sexy but not vulgar, elegant and melancholic at the right point. Remorse and regret, as well as passions nailed in one’s mind. The desire to remedy the past mixes with the hope of not being the object of resentment and hatred on the part of those who before were the object of our love.

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