As if they had to stay alive to tell their story and prevent anything like this to happen for as long as possible

Saved 38,916 photos from Auschwitz. The photographs were taken from the first quarter of 1941. The very first prisoners were photographed first, the others deported to KL Auschwitz were photographed next. Genocide and mass murder are staple of human history. But the Nazis industrialized the process. This is what’s always been special about the Holocaust. Please dont say “died” . They were murdered.

Wilhelm Brasse and Bronisław Jureczek, the prisoners from the photo laboratory, helped to save the photographs.

Patriotism dividing the world and thus creating more than enough war-emergence potential isn’t dead yet. It is astonishing that so many patriotic, nationalist people still claim to be against antidemocratic nazi ideology, when they are the ones unwilling to stop segregating the world by labelling people in nationalist category’s nobody has ever been able to actively choose in the first place. Nothing’s changed, so many people have learned nothing – this could all so easily happen again in Europe.

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