They one of the greatest bands we’ve ever been blessed with.

An open music class for the younger generations: No autotune, no loops, no pre-recorded track. Just amazing musicians doing his best. ‘Innovation’ and ‘risk taking’ are the watchwords of Faith No More. Love it or hate it one has to always admit that they were never afraid to try new things.

Mythical ! Faith No More was one of the first to wipe labels out of the hand. Rock, metal, rap, funk and many other styles were dissected, assimilated and amalgamated to give birth to a hybrid genre: fusion. An unclassifiable result for a group that made its mark in the 80s and 90s.

This group is about courage. The courage to break the pattern. Courage to believe in your genius. Courage to stop. Courage to get back together. Thank you FNM!

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