Love them or hate them, this is the hallmark of the Gulf countries that the Middle East is adopting.

The skyscrapers are a symbol of the region’s ambition, its wealth, and its desire to project an image of progress and modernity.
The construction of skyscrapers in Gulf and the Middle East countries is not without its critics. Some argue that these buildings are wasteful and contribute to climate change. Others argue that they are a sign of inequality and that they do not benefit the majority of the population.

Despite this criticism, the construction of skyscrapers in the Persian Gulf and in the Middle East is likely to continue. In addition to economic factors, there are also cultural reasons for the growth of skyscrapers in these countries. In many of these countries, there is a strong tradition of hospitality and a desire to impress visitors. Skyscrapers are seen as a way to showcase the region’s wealth and its commitment to modernity.

The construction of skyscrapers in these countries is not without problems. The hot climate and sandy soil can make it difficult to build tall structures. However, the countries of the Persian Gulf and the Middle East have the resources and experience to overcome these problems.

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