Don’t allow fear and symptoms to scare you, eventually its power dwindles

Imagine being in a pandemic, isolated and inert. Your life feels out of control, and you are stressed, not sleeping well. Then a raft of bewildering new symptoms arrive – perhaps your heart races unexpectedly, or you feel lightheaded. Maybe your stomach churns and parts of your body seem to have an alarming life of their own, all insisting something is badly wrong. You are less afraid of the pandemic than of the person you have now become.

Fear only exist in the mind, and at times it may seem extremely real, but the truer you remain to yourself, the more you’ll realize that fear can’t stop and control you. This is your life!

Perspective and proportion are everything in this Pandemic of Fear that now consumes our attention and our daily lives. With very rare exceptions the media ignores this. The screamers must stop or at least get a hold of themselves.

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