In ancient Rome, anyone found guilty of making false allegations would receive the same punishment that the accused would have received

The media-fueled hysteria of the Me Too movement encourages many women to come forward and report sexual abuse and sexual assaults, which previously they had been afraid or reluctant to report. The movement is also turning the tide from sexual assault being a widely unreported crime to sexual assault being widely reported, whether the claim is true or not. The ensuing flood of sexual assault and sexual abuse claims, charges, and accusations since Me Too became a highly publicized movement can cast too wide of a net for alleged sexual criminals.

Women are asked, most often in the name of feminism, to be proud, defiant display feminist powers of transcendence, defiance, strength – I am not ashamed! – yet all the while they are constantly reminded that someone, somewhere, is only too ready to say: ‘You should be ashamed!’

There is still distaste and contempt for women’s ‘confession’, their stories – and a good deal of suspicion about it, too, particularly when it comes to accusations of sexual harm.

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