It was originally conceived as a modest undertaking

The event was intended as “an experiment”, to alter the relationship between artists and visitors. Under the name “Stealable Art Exhibition”, the gallery showcased the work of international artists and allowed visitors to steal one piece of artб there was no security and no staff for the exhibition. The gallery called on all members of the public to visit, “Even if you have no interest in art, if your walls seem a bit lonely, or if you’ve just always wanted to be an art thief, come on by.”

Would-be robbers were told they could raid the gallery from midnight, but the crowd was so big that the theft started half an hour earlier, and the exhibition that had been billed as running for up to 10 days was emptied of art in less than 10 minutes.

The “take one artwork only” rule raised remarkable questions for both the artists and viewers, such as, “What kind of artworks will the artists present knowing they can be stolen?” and “What is the relationship between the viewers and the artworks?”

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