Inside the meteoric ascent and tragic demise of a forgotten giant of jazz guitar

She was featured in the music trade magazines, and in the spring of 1982, Remler crossed over into People magazine, where she uttered her most famous quote: “I may look like a nice Jewish girl from New Jersey. But inside I’m a 50-year-old, heavyset black man with a big thumb, like Wes Montgomery.”

Jim Hall said she was the most interesting and gifted guitarist of her generation…she catches all the influences of the master guitarists and jazz musicians…her phrasing was really stunning

Her story is quite sad, what she left behind though, is quite important for our world today. We need more equality in music, in the world. We must celebrate our differences, to find a better balance overal. This music is in perfect harmony, melodic, jazzy, electronic, acoustic, fast, slow, light, dark, minor, majeur, good times, sad times.

This Is Me one of the most interesting albums. Is a blend of jazz and spicy rhythms mostly influenced by Brazilian personnel of this album. It’s a change from her bop roots. Just honest playing, great feel, swing, and blues. Undoubtedly she was one of the most gifted guitarist of her generation.

Just as her star was rising, Remler grappled with addictions to heroin and dilaudid that would threaten to eclipse her musical profile. She died of a heart attack in Sydney, Australia, on May 4, 1990. She was just 32 years old.

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