Most people don’t know but this scandal was huge

Women were being filmed going to the washroom of all places and this was connected to another one (that the celeb in the video who was arrested was part of) was where the people who do this stuff would blackmail a lot of women and girls into doing all sorts of things because they had their data, intimate photos etc and they sell off that info in private online rooms. It was horrible stuff they even forced girls to do things like self harm and made one girl do… some things with her younger sibling who was like 9. Look up the Nth room South Korea, its sickening stuff. People paid for this regularly too, the more you paid the distributors, the more hardcore the things you’d get it was vile.

Let’s be real, none of us searched this. Finding hidden cameras is just a temporary thing… Why not focus on a permanent solution like Enforcing Stricter Laws for Invasion of Privacy?

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