The connection between close people is intangible, and therefore cannot be destroyed by distance

Dina Velikovskaya conveys this message in the film’s whimsical animated universe, crafted from wire objects and 3D pen-drawn figures.

At birth, an invisible thread fastens us to our parents or primary caregivers and, as we wend our way through life’s course, that thread tends to stay the journey. During the transition from infancy and adolescence to adulthood, the parent-child relationship becomes a dance that changes rhythm to accommodate changing needs. These invisible connective fibres help us develop and make us human but, if held too tight, do they also hold us back?
Author’s speaks to the importance of setting boundaries and going your own way, even if it means temporarily loosening or cutting ties. Velikovskaya’s film suggests that, as with pruning plants, trimming the vines that entwine us can bring opportunities for new growth.

For the film’s unique aesthetic, a technique is used that is the combination of the wire objects and 3d pen drawn figures, that look like digitally drawn; the most interesting in this technique is that drawings are materialized in our world thanks to 3D pen. They stand in space and react to it like ordinary objects. At distance, they blur, they have a thickness and react to light. But most importantly, they cast shadows, which makes them real.

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