The curse of Darien

Over the centuries, many adventurers have attempted to explore this mysterious wilderness. The vast majority fell foul of what became known as the ‘curse of the Darien. To this day, this curse has not been lifted, and no solution has yet been found for it.

It’s pretty interesting. Humanity managed to build a massive canal between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans that cuts right through this strip of land, but never got a road to connect North and South America.

Is why you can’t drive between the North and South American continents within Central America. What is it?

A highway did technically go into construction once in 1971 and then again in 1992. But it was killed both times by damning environmental damage reports. The highway is 200 m wide and 100 km long, that’s 20 sqr km. The Darien gap is about, 6000sqr km big. How will destroying 0.3% of it destroy the whole ecosystem?

The environment is only an excuse, politics is always the main reason.
The amount of cocaine that would be distributed across that highway is why the US and Mexico don’t want it built.

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