People don’t understand, we need to take care of this planet. There’s a lot of talk about it, but no one does anything.

Glass recycling only works when you have subsidized help from the government, at helping the planet live a little longer by recycling, but as the generations come and go, people are lazier and looking for the easiest most convenient way to dump their problems on someone else. Single stream recycling is killing the planet and filling landfills.

Glass companies can’t sell glass to the bottle companies if they recycle and reuse their old bottles, that is good for the bottle companies but bad for the glass supplying companies. Corporate greed wins out. Now the glass companies can sell glass to everyone without worrying about bottling companies cutting into their profit.

In the 1950s, we had a perfect recycling system; it was called deposit bottles. The producers took back the bottles, cleaned them, and refilled them. Worked great, until the glass corporations pushed for non-returnable bottles, and lobbied until they got them. Then it all failed, and now we have an entire plastic island floating in the oceans.

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