Have you ever heard the expression “The cream rises to the top?”

Well, if so, you understand why the group members named their project together Cream. So what is so special about Cream? The simple answer is that Cream pioneered a fusion of rock, blues and jazz that directly influenced an entire generation of musicians and therefore the course of rock music over the next decade. It changed the way we listened, the way we played guitar, bass, and drums! They set the bar.

This video might not be great, but it captures the essence of the band, in a way a polished modern video can not.

“I think we were one of the early heavy metal bands without knowing it,” Eric Clapton has said. “After we disbanded, Led Zeppelin filled the void.” He is not wrong.

To all of us guitar, bass and drum players, Clapton, Bruce and Ginger were the guys we wanted to be. It was a shot heard around the world.

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