All of this is “getting more and more absurd.” Enough of the absurd

Biden is at war but does not speak of winning. Significantly, Putin’s “special military operation” remained referred to as just that. Like Biden’s inability to utter the word “win,” Putin seems unwilling to utter the word “war.” Not only does his non-use of the word “war” buy him more time domestically, but it also affords him the opportunity to keep fostering divide among NATO countries.

Nato has a rule that when a country is at war, this country cannot join the alliance. When wars wear the garb of longevity, the ideology behind them is Money and Power. This is what happens when a Nation goes to war purely based on External Support. We are particularly dismayed by the fact that no one is talking seriously about ending the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Anything that can be done to avoid war, should be done.

When you are watching the war on TV from the comfort zone of your home, it’s entertainment. “Yay! My country is winning. Your country is losing”. But when the war knocks at your own door, then you realize the true meaning of fear and threats that comes with war. This applies to not only Russia, but to the people of the entire world, whether they’re living in the east or west.

When it comes to nuclear threats, it is happening real soon and that will be the day the world announces a global war. But this is happening anyhow because it is too late to stop now. If Ukraine is not backing down and Russia is not deciding to quit, which they will never do because it’s up to their dignity now, they will press the nukes at the last moment.

“And whether Russia becomes the second country to use nukes in wartime remains to be seen”. This is a serious threat! Many people didn’t believe that Russia would actually go on a full scale invasion of Ukraine when they first warned.

There was the battle of Okinawa, Japan. It took place between 1st April 1945 to 22 June 1945. But this battle of Okinawa shocked America, just like Ukrainians are doing to Russia these days. Just like Vladimir Putin thought that they would wipe away entire Ukraine in just 3 days of mass invasion, the battle of Okinawa was estimated to not last that long. Just like the Ukrainians, the Japs were not willing to give up. If there was one single soldier left, he would not drop the weapon or run for life, but fight. Compare this to the events happening in Ukraine right now.

If you check the series of events happening in Ukraine and Russia right now, the same thing is going on. There’s no negotiation, Russia is losing units, Ukrainians are willing to fight till death, and the only option left for Russia at this point is to use the nuclear arms. If these threats become a reality, everyone who reads this post will become a part of it, and sooner or later it will become their problem.

Nuclear war happens at all cost if Russia is pushed too far & proper negotiations are not done in time.

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