Children have the right to their own identity – no one should take this away from them

Along with this, there is an amazing concept that many do not understand and disagree with. “I think that every child needs to have their own identity, to express themselves freely, and [to] not feel like they have to be like someone else.” ‘Every parent should do what they feel is right for them and for their children,’ the singer says Celine Dion.

For most, your physical anatomy makes the choice for you. Currently, If you fight against that you may be in danger of being mistreated. That’s what we must fight against. Let all humans fully express themselves.. It can only make us stronger individuals.

In a study of girl and boy babies of the same weight and length, twenty-four hours after birth, parents were asked to describe the newest addition to their family. Boys were described as strong, having large hands or feet, and demanding. Girl babies were described as sweet, cuddly, and cute. There’s no reason why kids can’t begin to learn about their interests, strengths, and weaknesses when they’re young

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