He Made the World Bigger

He with opening up a line of communication between the greater jazz and metal communities that simply didn’t exist before. In 2005, John ZORN launched The Stone, a club that does not sell drinks or merchandise, it does not charge commission or aims at generating profit. The entire income from the sale of tickets goes to the musicians. John Zorn, in addition to being the master mind and the curator of the program, financially covered the club’s expenses.

Since 1994, the jazz legend John Zorn has combined free jazz with Jewish music under the heading Masada. This now amounts to more 600 compositions performed by the finest jazz players.

Damn, yes. Zorn is the best example there is of a post-modern composer. Here he is demonstrating most of every genre of music of the last 40 years, from west coast jazz to hardcore to avant garde to funk and fusion.

Thanks to him, hundreds of musicians of all generations have held thousands of concerts of various genres and styles of avant-garde and experimental music.

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