A time capsule or the original book of lies… incredible

The famous Dead Sea Scrolls are ancient Jewish religious manuscripts that were first found in the Qumran Caves in the desert to the north of the Dead Sea. Genetic sampling of the Dead Sea Scrolls has tested understandings that the 2,000-year-old artefacts were the work of a fringe Jewish sect, and shed light on the drafting of scripture around the time of Christianity’s birth.

So what about the people before the bible? Were they judged or thrown out of heaven, or just forgotten about? If they didn’t know Christ, how did they fair in the scheme of things. Or did they have another teaching from God? And what was it, or they lived by a different set of rules or standards? Maybe they were all condemned by what Adam and Eve did?

Many people think the Bible was written to answer these questions. The first humans, created by God and unique from other living beings on Earth, were disobedient and lost the special relationship with their creator. The Bible tells the story of the disobedient humans, and the obedient ones like Noah, Abraham and Mary. This story continues all the way to the Messiah, who was promised from the beginning.

The bible is a “broken telephone” of stories, “pagan” rituals and beliefs passed down plus interpretations of them, philosophical thoughts of those days, political views of those days, etc. And have we to remind people, that edited the bible many times, and that it’s thousands of years old, but, for some reason, can’t be edited again, to fit modern life? Yes, there’s the historical part, but there’s also the spiritual part… We humans have come so far in all the other aspects, but religion/the spiritual part of the book? Nah… same dusty books… there’s good things in there, but also a lot of horrible things.

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