She’s like real life Tree Trunks from adventure time

She was a big star on the international jazz and cabaret festival scene, and there was literally nobody like her. Fiercely intelligent, funny, ironic, a gifted musician and loved wherever she went. Dearie’s personal territory was the jazz-cabaret frontier, an adroit blend of delicate swing and wit. As her fellow musicians well knew, she was a collector and connoisseur of good tunes, savoring clever lyrics and chord changes, which she projected with subtlety, insight and humor.

When Blossom Dearie died the obituaries began by declaring that that really was her given name. It seemed too good to be true, the winsome image so perfectly suited the doll-like delivery which had made her a unique presence on the international scene for over half a century.

Blossom Dearie Is Truly One of The Greatest Singers In American Music History!

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