Ballpoint pen

Its origins trace back to 1938 and an accidental inventor known as László Bíró, a journalist by trade who was fed up with having to constantly fill fountain pens. Released in 1950, the BiC biro was a stroke of genius that arrived just in time for the era of mass production. Replacing the messy mishaps of fountain pens that were commonplace, now when there was no ink left, you could just pick up a new one. To many, it reminds us of school days, drawing sketches on the sides of our notebooks. Don’t trust the pen’s seemingly shabby appearance, for it’s a great tool for art in the right hands.

Oscar Ukonu (A.K.A. Oscar Chuks) has the type of skill to unlock the true power of blue. He’s been doing realistic pen drawings, and he belongs among the greats of pen artists. He specializes in extremely detailed portraits which seem like photos passed through a blue filter rather than mere drawings.

Artist Paulus Architect uses ordinary blue ballpoint pens to create hyperrealistic drawings of people with a sparkle in their eye. Slowly, the artist builds up the blue color, creating the delicate texture of the skin, including pores and fine lines. Additionally, he captures the depth and density of each subject’s hair using the same techniques.

Patrick Onyekwere says his love for the arts began when he was a little boy who enjoyed drawing cartoons. in 2015 he began drawing professionally. when realizing his drawings, he can take from three weeks to several months to complete them. set on a white background, his drawings present the subject in a medium closeup shot, highlighting the eyes and the way the light hits the person’s face.

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