When it comes to art-making, it’s best to stay an amateur

Amateurs are often assumed to be less skillful, their final products lacking polish or refinement. These latter virtues are typically associated with professionalism, a term bearing a meritocratic assumption: payment comes in recognition of ability, and those who are paid are better than those who are not. Of course, such distinctions do not always hold up. A refreshing and freeing amateur mindset can only result in work that is stronger and more authentically you.

The art of amateurship pivots on us knowing our capabilities and realising the boundaries of what we seek.
Our daily lives already overemphasise competition, ambition and deadlines. We don’t need to reproduce such pressures in our pleasure lives. The joy of amateurship allows you to find beauty in simplicity, setting smaller goals and searching for the aesthetics.

The amateur has always had a rightful place in society.

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