An irreversible competition for the universe may soon begin

Not only might aliens appear, they could quickly surround us. Thousands of radio signals hit Earth, 50 of them from returning sources. Canadian astronomers believe that these may be the sounds of aliens. The project uses the powerful CHIME radio telescope located in British Columbia to receive signals.

According to the CHIME/FRB scientific collaboration, “these signals are considered one of the greatest mysteries in astronomy, but have been confirmed to have come from outside the Milky Way galaxy.”

The CHIME Radio Telescope

The idea that our Sun developed as soon as the Universe stopped being so hostile and celular life appeared as soon as oceans appeared on a planet of it gives a lot of optimism.

Even if they appeared in front of our eyes, we would doubt them. Our rationality limits us a lot, and we think we know everything based on our human knowledge, and it’s a mistake to compare us with them. We are just the breath of life and know nothing.

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