One of the most beautiful songs ever written

The fallen leaves pass by my window. The Autumn leaves of red and gold. But I miss you most of all (my darling) when autumn leaves start to fall...

The world has lost a true American treasure, but how tremendously fortunate we all are to have entered her sphere and to experience the joy of the music she created. Her entire life was spent using her exquisite talents to teach, entertain and inspire. By the body of work she created and through legions of her students, colleagues fans and friends the world over, Beegie’s Adair music will be shared and heard for generations to come.

This arrangement is wonderful. A pretty nostalgia floats on this sensitive interpretation. And also beautiful dissonances as it should be. Too many people play this song using different styles and tempos, losing the atmosphere of the song itself, but when someone talks this well on the piano, you want them to keep the conversation going all day.

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