The benefits of a healthy lifestyle are clear and understandable to any person

The most interesting thing about healthy lifestyle propaganda is the fact that, according to many independent and honest physicians, anthropologists, nutritionists, the promoted healthy lifestyle concepts are harmful to health no less, if not more, than the habits they require to give up.

Healthy lifestyle turned into a religion. And everyone understands perfectly well that health and life expectancy are determined by genetics.

Winston Churchill seemed to refute all the postulates of a healthy lifestyle: he was overweight, smoked cigars, drank. At the same time, he lived for more than 90 years

The promotion of athleticism tends to take on obsessive and rather poisonous forms. A person with the wrong external parameters may repeatedly receive unsolicited comments about how he or she should run or go to the gym, from those who do not know anything about this person. These tips turn out to be at least tactless, as dangerous as possible. Also, athleticism has been and continues to be included by some communities in the ideology according to which people with poor physical fitness or generally having a disability turn out to be people of lower varieties.

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