Through reflective orbs, spiderwebs, and air plants, Saraceno sends a message that we can’t afford to wait any longer to save our ecosystems

“Carbon emissions fill the air, particulate matter floats inside our lungs while electromagnetic radiation envelops the earth,” states Saraceno. “Yet, a different epoch is possible, an Aerocene epoch—one of interplanetary sensitivity through a new ecology of practice. Ecosystems have to be thought of as webs of interactions, within which each living being’s ecology co-evolves. By focusing less on individuals and more on reciprocal relationships, we might think beyond what means are necessary to control our environments and more on the shared formation of our quotidian. Let the spiderweb guide here.”

Visitors are immediately thrust into Saraceno’s world upon entering Palazzo Strozzi’s courtyard. Suspended in the air is Thermodynamic Constellations, a set of three orbs that reflect the architecture of the Renaissance palace. The spheres are prototypes for aerosolar sculptures that would roam free without borders and without producing carbon emissions. Their place here is a reminder to think about the possibilities that could open up if we too were free to explore without barriers to impede us.

Tomás Saraceno has transformed Palazzo Strozzi into an immersive experience that merges art, life, and science.

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