Father / Master of Cubism

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to stay an artist when he grows up. ” – Picasso

“As a child, I could paint like Raphael. It took me a lifetime to learn how to draw like a child. ” (the journey into cubism began a little more classic)

Photorealistic painting is impressive at a technical level, but in itself does not express anything. Picasso did not challenge himself to be “bad,” Picasso explored what it means to see the essence of things. A great example is the Picasso bull.

If you look at the study, you will see that the first image is a beautiful image of a bull. Then he proceeds to study the essence of the bull in a series of sketches. What can you simplify? What can you style?
What can be missed … and at the same time clearly convey that it is a bull?

He does not become the worst artist during this study. He removes the bull until he can sketch it with just a few lines, but nevertheless clearly shows that it is a bull.

And this is a thing about art. It is not just technical skill or the creation of beautiful things. Art is communication, and, like any other form of communication, there are different languages, different ways to say something.

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