Humans are nature’s most perfect creatures, but some think they can make us better

Our bodies are amazing. It’s amazing how efficiently it works and when some things break down it has the ability to fix itself. One of the keys to operation of the body is the heart. It beats about 101-thousand times a day, about 3-billion times in a lifetime and over that time it’ll pump 800-million pints of blood.
Should evolution have created the perfect human body?

Us being perfect for the natural world would mean being able to swim into the depths of the ocean, fly, run fast from danger or natural be equipped to fight anything, etc. etc. Humans are good because we have intelligence, not physics abilities, we can adapt to surviving situations, not all be the best at it. And plus, we are able to destroy ourselves.

“I’m so proud of myself and other women when I consider how incredible our bodies and mind are and how innate the love for our children is. Nothing could break the bond with my son”.

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